Blogmas Day 14: Sick Around the Holidays

“If you’re sick you shouldn’t be sad, because sad spelled backwards is das and das not gud.” – Confucius December may, in fact, be the busiest month of the year for every single… Continue reading

Blogmas Day 11: The Benefits of Mistletoe at Your Holiday Party

Holiday parties are the best, aren’t they? Getting together with your closest friends, sharing stories and beers, getting naked in the hot tub and having it be completely normal, delicately planning an entire… Continue reading

Blogmas Day 10: OMT Makes Christmas Cookies

Grandma’s Egg Nog Cookies Happy 10th day of Blogmas everyone! Are you having a blast? Sorry I haven’t exactly blogged *every single day.* But can you like, stop giving me that look (???) my… Continue reading

Blogmas Day 5: The Night of St. Nick

I’ll start out by saying, I literally have no idea how to react to people who say they don’t celebrate the coming of St. Nick. Why have stockings? Why decorate at all? Why… Continue reading

Blogmas Day 4: A Blogger’s Christmas List

Black Friday has come, Cyber Monday has gone, and yet I am absolutely sure that you’re not finished with your Christmas shopping, just like I’m sure that your personal Christmas List is not yet complete. I… Continue reading

Blogmas Day 1: This Year’s Christmas Anthem

Mary Did You Know that this song is everything? Happy second day of the (hashtag) 25 Days of Blogmas, everyone! I feel like you’ve been waiting all day for me to post? But… Continue reading

The 25 Days of Blogmas!

“Santa’s not real. It’s not logical. What about the reindeer? Have you ever seen a reindeer fly?” “Yes.” “Well I haven’t.” “Have you ever seen a million dollars?” “No.” “Just because you haven’t… Continue reading

Potts Chef: A Recipe For Jalapeño Poppers in Your Old Age

OH screw you. I’m not perfect, and neither are you. So don’t mock me by thinking that you’re actually going to learn a good recipe for jalapeno poppers here. I’m going to tell you how… Continue reading

OMT To Watch: Gone Girl

I want to lie and tell you that over-hyped movies aren’t my style, but in truth, every mainstream movie that has developed a crazy following in recent years, I have gone to see in the… Continue reading

Friday Lessons in Being a Validator

“I know we probably can’t afford it, but could we just try to buy them a new house? It’s their dream.” As any self-respecting individual of the twenty-first century knows, there are three different types of communicators. And… Continue reading

Wait, Selena Gomez is … Good? No. No Way.

Yeah I know, anyone dating Justin Bieber should be written off completely. And fair enough, Selena’s singing career hasn’t exactly been stellar. But I implore you to look past reason and logic and give… Continue reading

Questions: The Last Episode of Friends

I love everything about Friends, every friend, every set, every episode. I have always identified with Rachel because she didn’t know how to wash her own laundry first season. I have always admired Phoebe‘s… Continue reading

Meet My Good Friend, Trader Joe

Look, I don’t have a lot of time here, I’m not an actual blogging machine that can just pump out blogs whenever you want, ok? I have a life. However a few months… Continue reading

Purging Yourself of Halloween

I have been vigilantly hoping, praying, and meditating all day over the premise that you have had a fun and adventurous Halloweekend. If you didn’t, there’s another one approximately 362 days from now so I think… Continue reading

Let Me Be Your Halloween Costume Spirit Guide

I can never be one hundred percent certain on anything as I am neither a psychic nor a fortune-teller, however I can be certain of this: half of you have known what you… Continue reading

SOS There’s A Lesbian Ghost In My House

Happy Halloween witches! Halloween night is fast approaching–a time where we should all be so psyched for little candy corns, pumpkin beer, and planning our “sexual but not” costumes for our Halloween event of choice … Except I can’t.… Continue reading

Rest in Peace, Oscar de la Renta

“Things never happen on accident. They happen because you have a vision, you have a commitment, you have a dream.” -Oscar de la Renta I was mid-draft on a piece about lesbian ghosts… Continue reading

Weekly News Update with KP the Anchor

You didn’t think I was done, did you? Can you BELIEVE it?! I am so happy and proud to announce that for once, I have kept my word and we now have week TWO of… Continue reading

The Tinder Diaries Chapter Two: Tragedy Strikes

Chapter Two: Tragedy Strikes – I Blocked My Future Boyfriend “Although it is difficult to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.” –Unknown – “Without you in my… Continue reading

Weekly News Update with KP The Anchor

It’s amazing how much can go on in a day, right? From my perspective: I have homework, dogs to let out, errands to run for my dad because he needs to feed all… Continue reading

The Tinder Diaries: Chapter One

So it’s October second. That means I’m one day late because I had originally planned to blog for an uninterrupted thirty-one days in October, and it also means I’m one day early because I can’t… Continue reading

Everything Going On In My Sex Life

I have learned (both through countless hours of therapy and even more hours of sex radio) that if and when you decide to deal with your life, the best way to do it is… Continue reading